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Century Goal Wayne Rooney MU vs Wigan Athletic

Wayne Rooney makes his century goal on premier league MU vs Wigan Athletic. It is the hundredth goal of Wayne Rooney during play for Manchester United. The 100th goal of Wayne Rooney made at 56 minutes. On the first phase of the match MU vs Wigan Athletic there is no goal created by each team. The score was balance 0:0, or glasses score.

On the second phase Wayne Rooney makes his 100th goal or known as century goal. Goal made by heading. 2 minutes later Berbatov make a goal and the score be 2:0. On 65th minutes Rooney make one goal again, and it is a 101st goal of him for Manchester United. The score become 3:0. MU increasingly dominate the match.

On the 74th minutes of the game, Michael Owen entry replaces Wayne Rooney. And 7 minutes later, Owen makes a beautiful goal. It is Michael Owen's first goal on the premier league. 4:0 for MU. Then on the last minutes, Nani's free kick stabilizing MU victory be 5:0. The final score of MU vs Wigan Athletic is 5:0 for MU. Untuk share di facebook, klik icon facebok tombol di bawah.

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